Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Holy Moly!

I have never been in so much pain in my whole life!  That's including the 35 hours of labor PLUS a c-section with Kaleb!

About 11 days ago, I woke up pretty sick.  I had a horrible back pain, and to be honest, I seriously thought something was very wrong with me.  I had my mom on hold and was trying to get Roland home from work.  Two hours later, the pain stopped.  I figured I had slept wrong, or pulled something exercising the night before, and that was that.  Then two days later, it came back.  I handled it again, and it lasted two hours ago.  A couple days after that, it came back stronger than ever, and I just couldn't take it.  I ended up in Urgent Care, but they were ultimately no help at all, and I never figured out just what was wrong.  That day the pain lasted eight hours.  Then it happened. 

This past Saturday morning, I woke up like any other day.  We were planning on taking Kaleb to the fair, and Gracie to my mom's, so I was getting everything ready for all of that.  Then, holy moly.  The pain came on strong, and stronger than ever.  I immediately called my mom and knew this time, something had to be done.  I woke up Roland (aka my amazing husband who had been sleeping for a mere three and a half hours, after a sixteen hour shift..) and he got up and after my mom took the kids, took me to the Emergency Room.  The Emergency Room was packed!  Like, you would have thought there was some Grey's Anatomy type emergency going on in there.  After 2 hours, I got seen in Triage, and all they did was ask what was wrong and take my vitals.  After another 2 hours, they called my name.  They said they needed a urine sample..well I hadn't urinated in like 14 hours, so I told them they needed to do a catheter.  Apparently that was the wrong thing to say, because they didn't call me back again for another hour and a half.  Finally I got seen, in the hallway, and they confirmed what I thought.  It seemed, just by symptoms alone, that I had a kidney stone.  They started pushing fluids, and took some blood.  They also gave me morphine..which apparently is a super-duper drug.  Well my little kidney stone could care less, and it did nothing  for my pain.  I finally got put in a room, where I would get 2 more doses of morphine over the next couple hours, that would do absolutely nothing for my pain, and get a ct scan.  After nine hours at the ER, I found out I did indeed have a kidney stone.  It has almost passed and Motrin works about a million times better for kidney stones than Morphine!

So, here I sit, Monday (well, early Tuesday morning), and I am doing okay.  The stone has yet to pass, but the meds are keeping the pain away.  I am pretty nauseous, but it's better than the back pain.  I have to go see a urologist to figure out why I am getting stones now.  I am just hoping this isn't some new thing my body wants to put me through!  Here's hoping I pass this, and never have to go through this again! 

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